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in 2005 he began the traditional subjective genre of action games and third person shooter games, which led to games journalists when asked if long survival horror and popular horror franchise recently many franchises have abandoned the genre and moved to another separate genus, commonly as horror of action include more features. Many of these elements already inserted in the subsequent survival horror, and then the game is attributed to as do the horror of survival possible. The game uses the monster, often in the literature of horror, such as bats and ghosts, which unique behaviors. Game integrated to also pick up objects and inventory management, as well as the areas that cannot be accessed until you find the corresponding element. Because many features games of survival horror later proved, some commentators have retrospectively classified this game as the first of its kind. Started by golden age of the resident evil survival horror genre at the turn of the Millennium with Silent Hill, followed by a general decline in which arose a few years later. Many games have tried to replicate the successful formula in resident evil, and every subsequent survival horror game probably occurred. Different types of typical survival horror genre is playing there strictly according to the design, rhythm and tone specific mechanics, but the subject, philosophy is defined. The success of resident evil in 1996 was responsible for his model as a basis for a wave of terror by successful survival, which many were called evil clones used residents. Although the fighters or heat escaping from terrible creatures may have characters and permanent concentration due to death causing tensions to survive. However the game was often referred to as the first real horror, because with more influence in resident evil, the 1989 version,. In contrast to other survival horror game and then the doctor Hauzer lacked all the enemies also, but the main threat. The genus survival horror known for more challenges without fighting as solve puzzles at certain locations in the game world. But he had a game resembling survival horror games more closely, in many ways. Fahs believes that the first which is to realize somehow fully formed today relying on its balance of action and adventure, limited ammunition, small arms, actor in danger so the vision of survival horror, as we believe that isolation, tell stories, through magazines, representation of violence and the use of the music-activated dynamically, are all aspects of the games later in the survival horror genre. However, there is no direct influence on later games in the genre, and the similarities are largely for example. Among these, the decision to break the fourth wall of psychological profiles of the players and the decision, all the weapons in the game, run the player, if they see a force enemy.They are examples of independent survival horror games. as ordinary horror made strange, so instead of playing in a disturbing, that person will do to the development of the classical concept, wanted to use familiar urban environment transformed by the chaos of a viral outbreak. The game sold more than 5 million times, demonstrating the popularity of the genre of survival horror. In the same year appeared. The origins of the game of the survival horror genre returns to previous horror literature. Archetypes have linked the books out. This increases the tension and varies depending on the situation and the echo to the sound of the tracks of the character of the player, which may vary depending on the surface of this would later be used in a more effective way in the resident evil. The game is now survive a formative step to create the environment as horror, improvement alone in the darkness, while it would pave the way for the resident evil. Horror, sometimes has the Americanized classified even if there is a modification to meet the genre thanks to the skill of the player, monsters directly with weapons. In addition, many survival horror games make use of sound from the screen or other warning signs to warn the reader of an imminent threat. This feedback helps the reader, but it creates feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. they come in 2014. Mikami said that its objective was to bring the horror of survival to their roots (although its most recent production work), because he was disappointed by the survival of the last horror games are too. Friction games has also been long at work. Even so, the growing popularity of the genre led action games to incorporate Western developers horror elements, instead of following the Japanese style of survival. 2002 was called a survival horror game, even if it is by the emphasis on action and the challenge of organizing a whole crew of other titles in the genre. ,,.