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Among these, the day YouTube channel also contains travel videoblogs, videos and satirical invective. It has over 1 million subscribers in June 2014, and his videos have been seen 100 million times. success touted said eternally yours is undoubtedly one of the most successful titles issued vehicles we've seen, the official rankings are based on sales and only, so the true success of Alex this week reflects the passion of his army of fans and of course the power of. Million day listening to his music, he fired 11 alternative versions forever yours, confirmed that all sellers would come from alternative versions for charity causes, particularly through the release of video clips on YouTube, with its popular day of 2011. , your music - and video-blogging professional regal instead as full-time. Tags with his friend, band-life. Once again, the ’ is probably not a big deal. You feel like you ’ once again a great risk if opening and how to ’ re ’, feel m extremely pleased that this seems to be particularly vulnerable to pay and in fact, was probably the best thing they could do for me now.Given the extraordinary amount of encouraging messages, Tweets, texts and video reviews, the ’ view recently received from friends, family and those who don t know ’ I have now feel at the beginning of the world. And I am! Almost …. Firstly, I feel much more confidence in myself and my ability to succeed, as I did in a time long, but on the other hand, as if it does not ’ good things seem to be the kind of fear that can turn off. I feel a little more vulnerable and anxious, but m a ’ lot more control over this now. And I'm also ready for me. I see from the other party and without a doubt the thing, the ’ is helped over me was your Unterst├╝tzung. Ehrlich said, I think it was the video responses, I came. This experience has been for me that you can either be recalled powerful blogging.┬áTe ’ to see, like the man lazy's, s - ’ version blogging on YouTube create, because it is easier to do with the time and production compared to assemble a drawing or an animation for example. But I think that ’ something very important about the actual link can do, if you want to share with the world only directly into a camera and talk. I was so happy to know that so many faces we ’ re all in this fight together and horrible a terrifying is indeed all memories!Then, I wanted to share a small handful of videos that I have received. Are mostly those who have had the greatest influence on me when I saw them – people with very important messages embedded in them, which really allows me to make great strides in the direction again and again on the right track. I hope you can take time to see and if you are also ’ feeling of fear which can help a lot as ’ sight helped me.See in my next video. I ’ that you won t have ’ for a long time, this waiting time). Hello, my name is Charlie McDonnell: nerd, Blogger and musician. Bag of this site via the top navigation bar, or meet in these moments with my blog, I wrote what is below to view. Good news! I gathered all the necessary information you need to successfully treat / avoid me VidCon this year. If you are not ’ participation t at VidCon, write us or risk, to be quite annoying. How the idea of this video clip, I showed him a concept quickly as much too ambitious, always succeed. ? There were some things that I have an idea of how which were reached your: the weapon effects, makeup good zombie, makes Alex fly like a superhero … was very difficult, also a jump all, that ’ d previously and there was no guarantee that would be very good. But after a week, nothing better to do, is ’ the site, decided to go. And apparently actually finished not only that, it also. ’ Here's what I learned during the process of realization of this video: when ideas seem I could do too exaggerated reality, trying to achieve anyway. Involved and much of it is to find the most talent than your people. We were a relatively small team, comparing the size, normally required for something he did, but as someone who is generally not only when it comes to video, I felt incredibly huge production. But it is, as you learn new things, push the places ’ view ever.Now watch the new video, there are things that ’ do differently in hindsight. You have ’ does not always perfect your video clip. But wanted to ’ t know what you do, if it was not ’ the fact of I t ’ view, left, but throughout the process and come up with something to look at on the opposite side. And because it is too late to change anything now (can never be a Lucas George to draw) the best I can do everything I take ’ learned, apply to my next big project and then possibly move forward from there.It was a hard, and I won t be ’ able to do something in this style for a while (I'm not ’ Albertoson). But I would like to say a big thank you to all the ’ has been loved, leave a friendly comment, informed of them and stuff, what beautiful things. That is, I'm always happy ’, if you do this with all videos of me, but see the reaction to this was particularly pleasant for all the work that has gone. The ’ General re and the tension of the film worth in the end. ,,.